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Bavette originate in Genoa and have the shape of a flat spaghetti. They are the most typical Ligurian long pasta cut: if Naples has linked its name to the most famous pasta shape in the world, Spaghetti, Genoa can claim the invention of Bavette. Born to be paired with traditional pesto, they also go well with vegetable sauces.



Among the durum wheat long pasta shapes, Bavette are best for enhancing the sauce. Thanks to their flat and slightly convex shape, they are perfect for holding the sauce and releasing all flavours.

How to use

Particularly appetising even with just a touch of butter, Bavette are perfectly matched with Pesto alla Genovese, rich in basil aroma and one of the most important herbs in Mediterranean gastronomy. If you love flavours of the sea, you can try Bavette in a spinach, tomato and clam sauce flavoured with garlic and shallots. For a quicker recipe, just add white beans to Barilla’s Arrabbiata sauce and the Bavette will become a rich gourmet dish. Those who love tradition will enjoy a zucchini carbonara, in which the delicate vegetable replaces the traditional pancetta.