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Pipe Rigate

Pipe Rigate

Some people attribute the origin of this shape to the gastronomic Roman culture, others more generically allocate them in the centre-north of Italy.
Surely Pipe Rigate are a fun and inviting shape that stimulates the creativity in the kitchen.

Pipe Rigate


Thanks to their double opening, Pipe Rigate capture all the sauce, trapping it inside their sinuous shape and in the ridges of their surface, to then release it directly on the palate. That's why Pipe Rigate are magically able to join the most elusive sauces together with the pasta taste.

How to use

Great leaders of every culinary experiment, Pipe Rigate are well matched with the simple and tasty Barilla Olive sauce, even more appetizing with the addition of tuna. Pipe Rigate suit all mouth-watering vegetables or cheese sauces, which are hold in the hollow cavity and release their taste slowly. They are also a perfect match to stronger and appetising flavours, like mushroom, sausage and chilli sauce