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If the origin of Maccheroni is lost somewhere in the ancient times, the Rigatoni, among the largest shape in the same family, originates in Rome and belongs to all Italian tradition.
Not by chance they were the protagonist of a classic advertising spot directed by Federico Fellini for Barilla in 1985. Many will recall the elegant lady who, in front of a fancy menu full of French-sounding dishes, surprises the waiter by simply ordering "Rigatoni"...



Characterised by the surface rifling and important diameter, and thanks to their features, Rigatoni are present on every table in many simple and elaborated recipes, always successful.
they are ideal to trap the sauce inside and on the surface, releasing it in a harmonious symphony of flavours.

How to use

Traditionally associated to the meat ragu, Rigatoni enhance their consistency in both elaborated sauce and in the simplest tomato ones, which you can find among the Barilla range.
Thanks to their hollow cavity, they are able to trap also the lightest vegetable sauce. Their ability to hold the cooking process and trap the sauces makes them ideal for the creation of rich and highly-flavoured dishes, like timbale or classic pasta-bake dishes. Among the thousands of possibilities that this shape allow, Barilla suggests two regional specialities: Rigatoni with Lucania's fragrances, or with Bolognese and mushroom sauce