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Casarecce originates from Sicily, but is also typical of other regions in the centre-south of Italy. This tasty shape, whose name means ‘homemade’, is an interpretation of the Arabic "pasta busiata" obtained with the "bus", the thin reed of a plant that in the past was used to wrap up the pieces of dough.



Casarecce are long twists of pasta, which appear rolled up on themselves – perfect for holding sauce until the last drop. Their smooth surface is slightly porous and is a great match for every sauce, from the most traditional to the simplest.

How to use

We suggest trying Casarecce with sauces based on typical Mediterranean ingredients such as eggplants, ricotta and basil; for example Casarecce alla Norma, a tasty and tempting pasta dish. Or you can try with seafood, like the combination of baby cuttlefish and fresh cherry tomatoes, ideally enhanced by the Casarecce's rough surface.